Karolina, November 2009 Workshop

There are just so many things to remember in photography.  One thing I notice is I don’t pay enough (as in practically none) to foregrounds.

I love the look of out of focus foregrounds, but  it’s just not on my radar.  I see images and sometimes don’t truly analyze why I like them.  In the spring I see a lot of flowers in the frame that look great. They aren’t really recognizable any more as flowers, they just add patches of color.

I’ve also seen photo gels close to the lens that look wonderful.  I have a lot of fabric and tons of interesting tidbits in the studio that I could use but hardly ever do…do I have to make myself a sticky note or write a blog post!?

So even if you’re shooting in the studio keep in mind out of focus foregrounds for your next photo shoot.  Having extension arms and seamless paper stands come in handy for holding up curtains and so much more.

I often have depth in images but rarely have foreground.  So for the next few shoots “everyone” will be getting foreground.

So baby steps…one project at a time

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