I’ve been spending quite a bit of time sleuthing lately.  I’ve been consumed with Google.

Years ago before I owned a computer I wanted to make latex molds for some art projects I was working on.  I didn’t know where to get the products so I walked down to my neighbors who owned a computer.  She did some sleuthing around the the big, bad, slow (oh it usually doesn’t do this) internet and found a distributor.  Cool.

She said just get on Google.  Google?  I thought, “what an ugly name”, that will never catch on.  I asked how she knew about Google, she said, she just did.  Just did?

She mentioned she could talk with her girlfriend in Paris everyday if she wanted, for free.  I thought “liar!”.  She’s gotta be making that up.   True story.

Well the internet has come a long way and Google is still around, who knew.  Who would have guessed know  I’ve become obsessed with Google.  I want to be Number One, not just on the first page either.  So I have a long list of key word phrases I think people will look for me.  That’s the first line of defense, but there is so much more.  Tweaking and more tweaking has gotten me higher and higher but has also put me on the map for phrases that Google didn’t know I even existed for a few weeks ago.

Just think if you don’t know how Google works then your potential clients certainly don’t.  If you don’t show up on Google it’s like not being in the phone book.  You wouldn’t be a professional photographer 20 years ago and not be in the phone book, now would you? (Hint; don’t search for your own name!  Your customers don’t know who you are yet…)

They think if you’re number one you must be the best around!  At least that’s how I thought.

Yesterday I typed in one of my keyword phrases and I showed up three times on page one!  yoo hoo

I know I’ve been going on and on about SEO and it doesn’t seem that sexy but it’s so much fun to be #1.

Get some SEO!

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