Not What I Had In Mind

Andrea, July 2010 Workshop

During my workshops I have a certain idea what an image will look like.  Kevin mentioned he really liked an image that I had shot previously of Andi.

We were at the end of a long day and this was a grab shot.  I had done this same location, chair and outfit before so I knew exactly what needed to be done.  So not only had I done it before with Andi but had also shot Andrea in a black dress in this fab chair.  It was basically a portfolio image for the attendees.

Simple window light which is really growing on me.  I started off as a strobe shooter so never really appreciated how beautiful and quick window light could be.  What a crime since I have 100ft of continuous north/east windows…no kidding

So when attendee Keen Imagery sent this image from my July 2010 workshop it was a nice surprise.  I have gotten images in the past that don’t represent what “I” had in mind. My mind says “well that’s not right at all”.  Pardon me?  This image exceeded my expectations.  Practice makes perfect.  I think it will be a great addition to his portfolio.  Andrea did her own hair and makeup and it shows with the right casting you don’t always need a “team”.  I just keep it simple simple simple.

It was a great choice of image and the retouching was beautiful, “just what I had in mind”.

It shows that two photographers can have the same image but with Photoshop at your fingertips there are infinite possibilities.  Great job Kevin.

My neighbor still hasn’t picked up this chair, lucky me.

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1 Kevin M. August 6, 2010 at 12:23 am

Okay, so truth be told…

Mary graciously accommodated my request because I ABSOLUTELY LOVED her shot of Andi in that chair. We shot Andrea for a few minutes and as I was walking away, Mary pulled out a stool and started shooting Andrea from a bit higher point of view. Then I heard…..”Kevin, you need to shoot from up here!” and thus this image was captured. Mary gets the credit!

To anyone who hasn’t attended one of these workshops or is hesitating, it’s a true portfolio builder. Attend the next one…’ll thank Mary, like I do, every time I review my images.

Thanks again Mary.


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