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So I’m back on track after a grueling 11 hour day on Sunday.  Standing on concrete for 10 1/2 hours with a 1/2 hour lunch.

Being a Commercial Photographer is hard hard work.  Being a lifestyle photographer is the fun side of commercial work.  Laughing and smiling are on course for the day…it’s about a vibe and personality.  So what does this image have to do with my day on set?  Nothin.   I just love the strap of a summer dress  falling off a shoulder and looking forward to Karolina coming back home from Poland to tell us all about her summer adventures.

Everyone thinks the movie business is glamorous and the pay is fab…but sadly that is a big fat myth.  Shooting went smoothly on the set with no problems at all.  Everyone on the set was warm and friendly and that certainly made it nice.

Wore my tennis shoes and my fabulous Thorlo socks on a shoot this weekend.  If you’re not familiar with Thorlo socks you gotta check em out!  They are the Rolls Royce of socks.  I get the thin walking socks and they are perfect.  I’ve had trouble standing in the past and these socks have totally cured the problem.

I’m glad I did it but won’t be signing up for any more movie/television series adventures in the near future.  I learned a bit about lighting,  grip and how to fold up a huge ass backdrop.

I also learned how much lighting you need for large groups of people and that I don’t use my lights up high enough.  You could literally walk under all the soft boxes (mostly elinchrom octobanks).  My ceiling is 11 ft high so a bit too short for that.  A minimum ceiling height for a commercial studio seems to be 14 ft.

So I’m back to work in my comfy studio with popsicles in the fridge…lucky me

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