Children’s Headshots

Childrens Headshots in Michigan

I had a phone call last week from a potential client asking  if I photographed children…hummm.  It made me take a look at my website with a critical eye towards children.  I only had one image of a child.  I can definitely see why she asked.

I added a children’s  category to my website today and now I have to start optimizing  for it.  Having great images is only half the equation in today’s market.  I have to decide on a few key words to try and capture more of that market.  Children need acting headshots, comp cards (in some markets) and beauty pageant portraits.  I don’t offer main stream images of children or infants.  I find that kids in the industry are great to work with and understand the process well.

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Well, you get the idea, it could go on and on and on.  I’ll have to test the waters and investigate google to hone in on the best keywords to use.

I’m learning more and more on how to update my own website.  Detroit Photographer Blake Discher designed my site for me and I have to say I love it.  It is extremely easy to navigate and the client can see tons of images quickly.  I get lots of compliments in emails from potential clients who found me on the web.

I definitely see my business picking up since search engine optimization guru optimized my site.  I’m doing some of the optimizing myself these days but find I am still not understanding totally what I need to do.  Of course, writing this blog helps tremendously but only if you know what you’re doing.  I have over looked lots of opportunities to optimize on past posts…boo hoo.  I could certainly go back and tweak them but I’ve decided to pay better attention in the future.

I keep track of where I stand for different keywords so I’ll have to let you know when I start showing up for children.  So far I am nowhere, nada, nothing, zero, zip for children… stay tuned.

Where do you show up?

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