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I shot a wonderful headshot today and they seem to be more and more frequent.  I didn’t recognize my client until well into the shoot.   Kim Adams has been our local meteorologist on a couple of stations throughout the years.  She has an old black and white headshot and the agency thinks she could start booking some commercial work.  She has a great commercial look, beautiful teeth, hair, professional and knows how to work the camera.

It was nice the agency recommended me and I know they love how I shoot clients over 30.  I think the images turned out great and it shows how specific I like to shoot my headshots.

The width of the face is extremely important, I don’t let the hair overtake the face, I show a gap in the smile, negative space through the arms, have a tip of the head, small relaxed eyes with a bit of sparkle…I try and see it from a strangers point of view.  To be able to get a direct booking and have the client pleased is the best.  There has been a lot of negative feed back in the industry of people not looking like their headshots.  Detroit needs to get up to speed with their headshots.

At a lot of castings and go-sees the talent sits in a room waiting and they see each others headshots, even they  know when someone has a “bad/old” headshot.

Talent is dependent on their headshots and they are extremely important.  They are walking advertisements,  pounding the pavement with my headshots.  I’ve already received a referral from her for two childrens headshots, good thing I put up my new childrens category on my website.

I like shooting headshots, it’s a nice little visit from all types of different people…you never know who will walk in the door.

The fabulous Detroit Makeup Artist Tammy Pore provided makeup for the day

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