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Having control is a wonderful thing.  Web designers will only make so many changes for you.  I expect a web designer to read my mind, understand my taste, but sadly I understand they can’t and don’t.  Only so many revisions are given.  You just have to bite the bullet and say “ok, that will do”.  Template sites can solve one problem (you’ll have a website) but most are hard to optimize… boo hoo

I’ve lived that experience and it was frustrating.  I’m still somewhat dependent on that but I’m trying my best to understand HTML coding and Dreamweaver.  I can upload to my own site and make minor tweaks.

To let your site get stale is a sad thing.  Your latest work is usually your greatest work.  To not show what you are currently shooting would be a shame.  Clients love when I ask if I can put “them” on my website, that they measured up.  That I was proud enough to include their images.  Yesterdays shoot is already on my site.

Continually changing  and keeping  your site updated is great for SEO.  The more involved with your site and the easier it is for you to update, the more frequently you’ll do it.  I spend time every day, one way or another, changing and adding to my site or blog.

My site is a scroll site so the images need to flow well and that is no easy task.  It’s a breeze for an art director or client to look at tons of images quickly on my site.  Clients who normally book me mention how much they enjoyed my website.

I take my cue from Reps sites, I think they are the leaders as far as websites go.  They rep many categories, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, graphic designers… with tons of images and want clients to be able to locate what they need quickly.

Sites and taste change quickly… it’s nice to be able to change on the fly.

Out with the old, in with the new.

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