Childrens Dance Headshots In Michigan

Childrens Dance Headshots In Michigan by Mary DuPrie

My affinity for shooting straight on serves me well when shooting headshots.  I love a model to look directly into my lens.  Not an easy task at all.  It looks quite simple but is actually quite difficult to do.

Maddy is a talented dancer (another category of headshots) and todays shoot was  to submit to her LA agency.  She brought cute wardrobe but I’d thought we would do some goofie, fun stuff first.  She loved the idea of wearing the blue jean vest with the silly skirt.  Neither piece fit her but we just clipped the heck out of it.  I like to shoot this type of look high key so kids have a big zone to move it.  I taught Maddy my Hey smile and it really helped her from over smiling.

Maddy was a dream to shoot and it makes me wonder why I don’t shoot more kids.  I think I’m going to change that, as I really enjoy shooting them.

I say nose to the camera versus eyes to the camera because I find it to be much more effective.  Models of all ages struggle to look straight down the lens.  A simple head tip gives it a casual edge.

If the model isn’t showing their teeth I’m looking for small, smiling eyes and a slight smile with their lips.  Sometimes just a tug will do but if the mouth turns down slightly a bigger smile is needed.  I’m looking for a soft easy smile with smiling eyes.

My AdomaraPix book came today and I have to say I’m thrilled… it’s beyond my expectations.  I will write a review when I have more time and do a video clip.  I bought a 12″x8″ and a 9″x6″ (which fits great in my purse).

Love It!

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