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The image of Karolina above could be categorized as a test image.  Fairly simple, not much too it.  It shows an agency what a new model looks like.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I shoot models and potential models for the agencies.  During the initial stage of speaking with someone if I discover that the person doesn’t have the stats I’ve turned them down… humm

Sounds wierd I know, but I don’t want to spend the day shooting someone that most likely won’t be signed.  I got to thinking lately that there are people out there who would just like a “model” type image.  I know it would be more work but I thought I would give it a try.

Today was my first “non model” shoot.  I was pleasantly surprised by our “model”.  I learned a few things that I need change about the info I send out though.

The first thing is the title of my price list “Two Look Test Shoot”.  I realize now a non-professional or even someone wanting to get into the business has no idea what a test shoot is.  To me a test shoot is just a simple shoot, very basic, white or grey seamless perhaps.  No themes or involved lighting setups.

The problem is clients have no idea and show me images from my web site they’re interested in.  Most images were from portfolio building shoots.  It’s hard to explain that “no” you can’t have those, they’re just for “show”.  They’re bait, so to speak… hummm

When I shoot models I tell them what to wear and they have no idea what I’m going shoot.  I go where my inspiration takes me.  I shuffle them onto the set and that’s when they find out what we’ll be shooting.  No discussion takes place, it’s simply dictated.

With the general public their impression is that they tell me want they want.  I once allowed a client to combine their model comp card with their senior pictures, it was an epic fail.  I have haven’t done it since and won’t.  With senior images they’re use to involvement and they just couldn’t make a decision.  The shoot dragged on and on.  They asked for involved shoots and what I thought were inappropriate looks for the agencies.

I don’t like initial price lists or web sites that have tons and tons of negative info.  But realize I will have to send follow up info once they book, to help them better understand what a test shoot involves and doesn’t involve!   Not sure what to do.

One of my favorite sayings is “the shoot is photographer driven”.  I’ll have to send that in my follow up.

On a side note;   Karolina is back from Europe with lots of stories to share with us.  She will be dropping by my workshop on Sunday to delight and entertain us!  yoo hoo

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1 Dan Denardo September 15, 2010 at 9:53 am

Karolina? Huh?
Woo Hoo!


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