Are Glamour Calendars Popular?

Glamour Photographers in Michigan Mary DuPrie

Do many clients ask for calenders?  Once in a while I get a call for a calendar.  I’m not really a fan of having to do one and I’ve never known how to price one.  A calendar seems kinda limiting to me.

Instead, I now have a book to offer, my fab AdoramaPix book (a nice review is in the works).   AdoramaPix has four landscape size books great for lingerie.  I prefer landscape because my bed images are usually horizontals.

I like the book concept much more than a calendar.  You can give it to your significant other and then confiscate it back.  So really the client is buying a gift for herself.  Kinda like when men buy lingerie as a gift.  Oh, thanks honey… but I was really hoping for an IPad!

You can also buy a book for him and a small book to show off to your girlfriends.  Instead of saying “I want to show you hot pics of me” she can say “I want to show you my new book!”.

So I priced my first book shoot today.  I used portrait pricing and will not be giving out discs for the clients to print out their images (only proof discs).  All images and product will be ordered from me,  a business plan long overdue.

Baby steps

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1 Eduardo Frances September 30, 2010 at 2:11 pm

Great idea! I think also the book is much more personal something that if given to a significant other it will not be as visible to other people as the calendar would be!


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