When Models Do Their Own Makeup

Michigan People Photographers Mary DuPrie

It’s rare to see a face that needs no retouching, but they do exist.  Andi is one of them.  What’s even more unusual is no retouching after they’ve done their own makeup.

It’s risky business when a model does her own makeup.  It’s hard after they’ve finished and you don’t like it.  What do you say, how do you say it?  Could you just… and… and oh yea…

I find that I can tweak makeup in Photoshop but it’s the hair I feel models are most challenged by.  I eventually have to say, oh ok, that’s great.  I’ve had many a shoot where it’s been just me and the model.  It’s not ideal, but when you’re practicing it’s doable.  Andi has a strong preference for wearing her hair one way only, so I’ll have to work on that.

I have another workshop coming up this Saturday and Sunday and Andi will be our model.  I have inexperienced models doing their own hair and makeup on Saturdays so that it’s a realistic day of shooting.  I’m trying to relate to photographers that don’t have many resources and to show them with a few key decisions you can do it.

That’s why it’s great to have models like Andi to test with.  Keep it simple, and if all else fails… make it black & white.

because black & white is artsy fartsy

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