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Michigan Comp Card Photographers Mary DuPrie

It’s great when a model can show up looking like this.  No hair or makeup, just walk in the door and shoot.  I like to keep things simple when testing so Andi would be high on my list when I don’t feel like going the full blown route.  I normally don’t do actions but I’ve applied Belaire from Craigs Actions.  (sorry my links aren’t working)

A great and easy bonus is to sometimes do a horizontal crop for the makeup artist or my website.  Horizontals are especially great for mua’s because you can get so close.  Because of the way the backgrounds been painted it didn’t even need a light on it.

The setup above is quite simple.  There are actually no lights at all.  It’s 100% window light.  Tri-flector, my constant companion, with black flags on the right.  I find I get a lot of mileage out of my painted backdrops that have vertical rectangles.  The background doesn’t look like much in person but sure shoots great.

The view from where the model was sitting.  I pulled the curtains to the middle of her face so the lighting wasn’t flat.  I’m becoming quite attached to this corner.  I love a constricted pupil with lots of eye color and windows really give that to you.

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