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Detroit Michigan Modeling Photographers Mary DuPrie

I’m not much of an artsy fartsy photographer but Andi has such a great editorial face.  I hand Andi this atrocious jacket to wear and say “don’t worry, it shoots great”.    It’s so ugly and matronly in person it’s actually funny.  It’s kind of a mother of the bride from the 80’s lookin thing.  It’s boxy and a bit over the top.  For some reason I always like the images from it.  Hey, feathers are in!  It was a $10 Salvation Army find way back when.  The earrings are vintage.

We all  have lists of things we would like to add to our shooting and mine is using my wide angle lens more and a bit of fog here and there.  So today was the day.  Andi did her own hair and makeup and it just needed  minor tweaking in post.  It’s nice when your testing if the model doesn’t have to spend three hours in hair and makeup.  It’s becoming harder and harder to get qualified makeup artists to test with these days.  Tammy is pregnant and due in a few short weeks so she’s out of commission.  It’s hard to add new people to the group so I’ve been winging it lately.  I’m going to have to look into testing with a few new mua’s.

The main light is my Profoto Hardbox (I know you’re jealous!) boomed.  It’s high up and about 10ft away.  I also have my 6ft Octobox straight back as fill.  I have a rim light on her with a blue gel hanging from an extension bar.  I don’t really know why I have a gel hanging, I just wanted to see the effect.  The most difficult thing  with these types of shots is controlling the fog.

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1 Eduardo Frances September 30, 2010 at 2:07 pm

Beautiful photo Mary!!! Fog is really difficult to control! sometimes it goes too above, sometimes it goes too forward of the talent, or sometimes it stays below! Agh!!

Even with its capricious nature fog really adds that magic to a photo!!! 🙂


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