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Michigan Boudoir Photographers Mary DuPrie

It’s going to be a short post tonight because I’ve spent the evening Skyping with Aurora!

This post is a continuation of yesterdays post.  The image of Lorena above was taken during the same session as below .   I’m working on shooting in the round.  I have my back to the windows and this shot is 100% window light.

Facing this direction the colors are much much cooler.  I’m working on the 360 because I think it would be a great way to shoot a glamour book.  The image above has a mirror behind her which is my favorite background to use.  I love love love my mirrors.  If I ran into a great mirror tomorrow I would snap it up.  Unfortunately great mirrors, reasonably priced,  are hard to come by.

I made a tweak to this image from yesterday.  I cloned out the windows on the upper part of the image and I still have that great chair from my neighbor.

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