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Michigan People Photographers Mary DuPrie

Andi needed some full body shots for her portfolio and really needed to practice full body modeling.  Andi is a natural, she picked it up right away.  It’s very hard to pick up editorial modeling, but not for Andi.

I shot this set up at my last workshop with Chelsey but have no problems shooting it again.  My goal is to do it faster and better, a cleaner raw file with less retouching.    Because this red frame won’t be around forever I have no problem shooting it.

She is wearing a black blouse with a built in panty from back in the day, about $5.00, Salvation Army.  I didn’t know I owned it, I just ran into it while looking for wardrobe.  The high leg is very flattering and makes her look even taller.  I had her in a boy short for one look which really shortened her legs.  I have only run into a handful of models who can pull of a boy short, you have to be really thin for them.

Andi did her own hair and makeup.  The reason I mention it when a model does her own hair and makeup is that I want to convey that you don’t always need to make a big production of testing.  I’m skilled enough to do any post tweaking if necessary.  I find the hardest thing for the model to do is hair.  I just had her put on a black band on her head and gel her pony tail to keep it sleek.  For testing like this it does require having a lot of things on hand that might be needed.  I normally have the model put some type of oil on their legs.

Shooting models is unlike shooting high school seniors in that the stuff needed to pull off shots is far greater.

The shot is two lights.  My Profoto Hardbox boomed and my 6ft Elinchrom soft box on  camera axis.  I keep the main light only slightly off axis otherwise I find the shadow too fat and unattractive.  The models don’t like fat shadows!

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