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Michigan Lingerie Photography by Mary DuPrie

So I’m going to assume you follow my blog, (you do, don’t you!?) so you know I’m working on an idea of a 360 degree set.  I want to walk around the model and have her change, or not change, her position on the bed.  I’ve used a lot of my white 4’x8′ Styrofoam panels upright to form floating walls.  I’ve shot the idea twice and these are more results from the second attempt.  So far, so good.

The variety is what I’m looking for.  I have two large banks of windows and the white panels are acting like big reflectors.  What’s been challenging is finding the right props that the images will look cohesive in a book.  The lighting changes depending on where I’m standing

Lorena is 5’4″ tall in all natural packaging.  Her body type represents what a real women would look like… ok, some real women.  Lingerie needs to be considered that will elongate her body, especially her legs.  A high cut leg does this trick.

She had thigh highs but they had a run in them so we didn’t use them.  I think for a shorter model a thigh high can shorten the body/leg anyway.  Well I left the garters on, which I now see was a big mistake.  Bad me.  They just hang there, making no sense.  I should of had her take them off.  Lesson learned.

Corsets often have very long ties that you have to keep an eye on.  I normally knot them and cut off the excess.  (as well as bathing suit ties)  I cut off about 18″ of tie.  The models don’t like to cut them off, but I cut away…

I do liquefy bodies when needed and find that I not only push in but at the same time pull up.  I pull straight up at the armpit and crotch area.  I find the armpit area a bit tricky to retouch.  I don’t want to totally eliminate the wrinkles because that’s what we have as humans.  My solution is to clone them in lighten mode, but not totally eliminate them.

Sometimes I’m asked to show before and afters but I’m sensitive to the models feelings about retouching so I choose not to in most cases.  I’ve never had a discussion with them about it, I’ve just chosen not to.

This is a total daylight studio setting and I’m not sure how non models will feel about being exposed to this much daylight in lingerie.  I hope she’s not a “can you turn the lights off  kinda girl!?”

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1 Ted October 2, 2010 at 9:03 am

Good Morning Mary,

Thanks for keeping your site “real”. It’s comforting to know that even the best struggle and become frustrated from time to time.

Keep up the good work.



2 David Getsfrid October 2, 2010 at 4:56 am

I rather like the hanging garters. It makes it feel more like a moment. As if she’s in the process of getting ready for some romantic encounter.

Gorgeous shots as always.


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