You’re Not From New York

Detroit Michigan Actors Headshot Photography by Mary DuPrie

Great News… Gabe has landed a great feature role on the series The Whole Truth this Wednesday.  This sweetie pie plays a murderer!

A simple little shoot like an actors headshot doesn’t have much cache.  But it does if a photographer is flying in to do them.  And from New York no less.   But does it when he’s shooting 50 or 60 of them?

Assembly line shooting… in and out in and out.

The only good thing I see is wallets getting fatter… oh wait, it’s not my wallet.  The key here is “he” doesn’t say he’s fab, someone else does the talking for him.   It’s so much easier when “someone” else is telling people how fabulous you are.

  • I don’t have me a pimp.
  • How do I get one?
  • Do I want one?

Could I shoot 16 headshots in one day.  Nope, well at least not very good ones.  Something has to give.  The agencies here are union based and cannot pimp out one photographer over another.  They have to give out at least three referrals.

This scenario is based on a true situation  here in Detroit.  Out of towner coming in and taking money back to New York.  The photographer is originally from Michigan but now resides in New York… thus a New Yorker.  He charges  $5. less than what I charge but offers web gallery only with no retouching.  I have to say I think every headshot needs skillful enhancements.  I offer a proof cd, a final cd and a contact sheet for the additional $5.   Crazy

Am I complaining… well maybe, kinda, sorta.  I guess what bothers me is that they really aren’t discounted shoots from a great New York shooter.  If he was based in Detroit he wouldn’t stand out, just blend in with the crowd.

The film industry has come to town and new people want headshots like crazy but have nothing to judge from.  The advertising is heavy on face book which I’ve never really embraced.  Lots of email blasts and networking in the film industry.  He’s created quite a little cottage industry from Michigan’s new film industry.

I gotta make some calls and find out who’s putting on  film workshops around here… Monday morning list.  I’ll have to do some digging, bring over some doughnuts and coffee.   What’s a Detroiter got to do?

Maybe YOU can think of a great moniker for me?

It’s doesn’t have to be proven to me that it’s more about marketing and buzz, because it is.   I need me some peeps.  Gotta get me some buzz.  Grrrr

You’re never a star in your own backyard…

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1 Kevin M. October 16, 2010 at 7:53 am

I knew this post would happen sooner or later. 😉

Are you complaining? Maybe, kinda, sorta? You definitely are! But that’s okay. 😉

Studio owners, like so many other small businesses, need to educate their consumers! Is this NYC photographer better than you? Maybe, but probably not. However, he got the job because someone sold him to the buyers because they don’t know better.

You can look at it two ways…..are you doing this for fun or profit. The person shooting 50-60 headshots is definitely a business and as long as they can produce a decent shot in their allotted 2-3 minutes, fine! You’re sounding more like the artist you are. And you ARE an artist. Your work speaks for itself. But I think you need to get more into the business mindset of combining both of these things into one……quality and profit. All your SEO will do you NO GOOD if you don’t tell someone WHY you’re better than the next guy. Many shop by price and could care less about anything else. Do you want that person as a client anyway?!

Take plastic surgeons and dentists…. Do you want the best tummy tuck, implants, or face lift? Or do you want the job done by the cheapest around? How about your smile? Do you want chicklets or crowns that look amazing and no one can tell that they aren’t your natural teeth?

You just need to educate on your site and in your marketing materials…’s easy. Having your killer skills and eye is the hard part! You can’t be everything to everyone so pick your market / niche and go for it. But start to think more business -like. Unfortunately, it is about profits too.



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