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Metro Detroit Portfolio Photography by Mary DuPrie

Well my main makeup artist Tammy Pore is home these days with her new baby girl, Sienna Grace.  I got so use to using Tammy for all my shoots that her not being available has thrown a kink into my work flow.  I don’t really have a backup makeup artist so I’ve had to scramble lately.  With films being in town also it puts some makeup artists out of commission for quite some time.

I looked on Model Mayhem a bit and that was scary.  Looks like a bunch of girls playing dress up over there.  I wish they knew what a professional photographer is looking for.  I’ve never had a client pay me for clown makeup or fantasies from hell.

So when a new makeup artist contacted me today with a great book I was excited.  She’s from LA so doesn’t have a lot on contacts here yet.  I have to say I’m glad because she’ll be easier to book.  Model work is pretty low paying in the scheme of things.  I do give the makeup artist clean 9x12s retouched files of the shoot and watermarked web files.

We talked about testing and she mentioned she was only interested in editorials for submissions.  Stylist, collaboration… the whole bit.  I have to say I wasn’t interested.  I don’t feel like working that hard.  I want my testing days to be light and fun, not work.  At least I want to be oblivious that I’m going to be working hard.

I have the makeup artist do what she wants and then I take over from there.  I just make it up with whatever’s on hand.  No grand scheme.  Easy Peasy.  Kinda fun not knowing what you’re going to create for the day.  To stumble into things is fun.  Fortunately I have so much at the studio I can.  It takes a lot of organized storage to find it when you need it.  Nothing more frustrating than knowing you’ve had something for years and finally have the opportunity to use it and can’t find it… ugggg

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1 Thorsten October 20, 2010 at 5:57 pm

Your post struck a chord (well, several actually) with me. It’s so true, what you said in your second paragraph, about makeup artists – and it’s not just on MM that I see this, but on Facebook and other networking sites too.

And interesting to hear your take on testing towards editorials. It’s nice to see someone else, especially someone of your caliber, thinks along similar lines as I do on this topic.

– Thorsten


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