The Boudoir Experience

Michigan Boudoir Photography by Mary DuPrie

So I’ve been working away like crazy to come up with a custom “theme” for my glamour.  I don’t know Photoshop in a design capacity so this is a big endeavor.   I don’t do graphic design much and I find it to be quite deep… as in “abyss”.

I could spends weeks in the program, looking for brushes and textures and changing my mind.  I kinda know what I what, but not exactly, just going with the flow.   This is what I’ve come up with so far.  I started with plain stripes and just kept building and building, I ended up with 19 layers, crazy.  I can spend two days designing something and just scrap it in the end.  I would still prefer to do it myself because in the end I learn so much and I have a connection to it. I’m thinking skills will help me build albums.   I’m looking to put some kind of light banner under the type but couldn’t find anything.

The design is much more ornate than my blog, the only thing tying it together is the font and color.  I’m probably going to design an extremely pale version that will show off type well.  This actually represents me better than my blog but back then I didn’t know how to do this.  I like tons of design, layer upon layer, lots of faded textures.  The image above doesn’t seem to read as well my high res version.  At least I’m headed in a direction.  Any direction is better than no direction at all.

I call it Parisian Vintage Flea Market Chic

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