Tangents Galore

Due to Skyping overload tonight with  Toronto Boudoir Photographer Kathy Honeybourne my post is bare bones.  Kathy’s sensibilities and mine run parallel and she’s been a big help, so we have lot’s to Skype about.  We screen share and show each other fonts, brushes and all kinds of stuff… tangents galore.

Kathy has a design background and it definitely shows, she also looks like she has a marketing background which is just as important.  Check out her products for photographers.

I’ve never had portrait products to sell so all this is new to me.  If someone called for a calendar shoot I would go into a panic.

I’m looking for a few nice glamour products to offer.  Nothing too complicated or expensive, so if you have any suggestions I/we would love to hear about them.  What’s popular out there!?  What did you find out wasn’t so popular?

I received a great email tonight from Matt Rainey with a wonderful link to comparisons of Print-On-Demand-Books.  Definitely worth looking into.  They are listed in order of price.  I have to say Adorama ranked #2 and A&I ranked #1.  I’ve never even heard of A&I.  When I have a free minute I’m going to look into them.

So I thought this blog was going to be me giving out lots of information.  Well it’s been a nice surprise that if you just ask for help it can come to you.  Thanks for all the help everyone.  Baby steps.

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1 John Magnus October 29, 2010 at 11:39 pm


I love your posts. Thank you for doing it! I need to correct you. If I’m reading the POD list correctly, I believe #2 was actually Asuka.

Keep up the great work!


2 Toronto Boudoir Photographer Kathy Honeybourne October 29, 2010 at 7:37 pm

It was fun chatting with you again last night Mary.
Hope it was helpful and thanks for the tips you gave me !


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