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Chelsey from mary duprie on Vimeo.

The Chelsey video I’m posting doesn’t appear here because it’s been filmed vertically.  Somehow Vimeo isn’t seeing the code for me to post the actual video.  Erick Leskinen constructed a custom bracket to shoot my HD video camera vertically…  yoo hoo

It took quite a bit of research to upload it vertically to Vimeo.  I know the image is huge but we couldn’t figure out how to make it smaller and still keep the quality, it’s big even on my screen.

  • Chelsey bought the blue top and I made up the set to match it.  I never know what the models will bring in so it’s interesting to see how I’ll puzzle in pieces to match the clothing.  I think this setup turned out especially nice.
  • Black bathing suit; the background is troweled Venitian plaster on scrap laminate.  I spray glued the laminate to a sheet of Strofoam.  This Venitian plaster technique has to be on a hard substrate to be able to burnish it.
  • The black hat/black bathing suit series is in front of a background painted at the workshop.  I place a weighted ladder with a Styrofoam panel attached to it so the model can lean against it.  Textured product troweled onto #12 duck canvas.  Lighting with Profoto Hardbox.
  • Two piece black bathing suit is a king size headboard set.
  • Black and Silver dress; the background custom made satin squares.  I made a variety of colors a few years ago and think I’ve only shot these one other time, if at all.

Off To Brazil Baby!

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