Not Lighting Something

Detroit Michigan People Photography by Mary DuPrie

I shot this image of Rochelle a couple of years ago.  It’s not typical for me because she has her legs open.  I knew I was going to shoot it dark so it wasn’t going to be too risque, but I have to say it’s still uncomfortable.  It’s weird asking a modeling to “hey, could you sit with your legs really far apart.. no further… no really further.  Having grids or flags for your lights is critical for this kind of lighting.

As a beginner we concentrate on lighting something, as you advance you concentrate on not lighting something.

I tried as hard as I could to stay away from InDesign, but alas I’m back.  I must seem wishy washy but I think I’m just overwhelmed.  I know in the end it’s the best route to go and I’ll be able to do some uber cool things.  I was just being ornery and stubborn not wanting to learn one more program, but I’m back on board and I’m even enjoying it.  I’m looking forward to all the great things I’ll be able to design.

The  flipping book company never got back to me so that’s disappointing.  Figuring out pricing and packaging has been hard, am I too cheap, too expensive, session fee, minimum product amount, albums, what size albums, prints, what’s the biggest I should offer?

I can’t remember the phrase someone mentioned instead of “minimum product purchase” that  sounded better?  Do you?

Well you see where this is going.  As a model and commercial photographer our pricing structure is totally different.  I knew this process was going to be hard… but geez.  I needed to redo my model and headshot photography info and pricing so in the long run it will be great.  Can’t wait.  I’m sure you wish I would finish too!

Tired from getting the studio ready for another workshop this weekend.  The background painting station is all set up.  Andi will be with us on Saturday and Karolina will be entertaining us on Sunday!  Can’t wait.

Detroit Makeup Artist Tammy Pore will be with us on Sunday, it’s great to have her back.  Kisses to Sienna Grace.

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