Small Light Sources Kick My Ass

They’re just hard and not that much fun.  The placement has to be just right and the model doesn’t move much because the zone is so small.  I like movement so I tend not to do them much.  This past weekend with a few attendees there were plenty of helping hands.

I had a vision in my mind and just couldn’t get there.   I had chandeliers in the shot which I decided to take out, it was just too busy.  The blue background is just clamped to a pole but I prefer it stapled to plastic pipe to keep it hanging straighter.

The floor is scrap 1/8th in boards which aren’t translating in the web image.  I wanted the image to look like it had a room in the background and that was the difficult part.  I ended up not liking the transition between the two blue custom backgrounds and that took the longest.  A bit of studio props on the right that is ever changing.  The studio is 60’x60′ but only 20’x60′ is clear enough for shooting.

Dan and I made custom blue backgrounds.  We painted the backgrounds medium blue first.   After the base coat dried we rolled on clear glaze.  While the glaze is wet we brushed on black, blue and purple flat house paint that was cut with more glaze.  We stippled then brushed out the glaze for a soft mottled look.  After the first glaze coat dried I drifted on the colors again by just swirling on with a rag.  Water and glaze keeps the paint workable.

This is a great beginner finish that anyone could do with just a bit of help.  It’s great for a short studio because it already looks out of focus.


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