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Model Photography Workshops by Mary DuPrie

This was the first setup at last weekends workshop.  A participant wanted to work on hard shadows so we decided to do a double shadow on purpose.  We were inspired by the Anne Fontaine Catalog.  I normally don’t go by anything but I figured why not.  Andi did her own hair and makeup so I keep things very very simple.  She was wearing her hair parted down the middle and straight at first which kept moving and ruining shots so one of my favorite things to do is a high ponytail.  Andi’s wearing a raincoat I bought in my teens or twenty’s, the the coat is older than her.  I remember I thought I was stylin!

I shot this with my 16-35 lense which I like to use whenever I can in the studio.  It’s not very often I can use it and I often forget.  It just gives a nice variety and perspective to a portfolio.

Andi is wearing a different outfit here but it’s the same setup.  I staggered three Styrofoam panels so they would leave a shadow.  One of the shadows came out of her head so I cloned it out.  I left the edge of the Styrofoam a bit ratty for character.

Main light Profoto hardbox.  Secondary light 7″ reflector.  Large 6ft. octa straight back as fill.  F22 @200 iso200 but don’t hold me to it.


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