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Detroit Michigan Commercial Model Photography by Mary DuPrie

It’s been pointed out that is a great resource for on-line training, which it is.  I am a member of Scott Kelbys on-line and have found it to be very valuable.  I tend to watch the entire video, watch again and then follow along.  That’s how I get started.  But once I’m started I find my ole friend Skype is my go to learning tool.  I just Skype my friends and ask the exact thing I need to know at the time.  Saves me from watching videos again.

This week I Skyped quite a bit about InDesign and laying out and exporting PDFs

  • how do i do colored type?
  • how do i make boxes around my type?
  • how do i put  space  around my text in the box?
  • how do i turn my pdf’s into order forms i can fill in?
  • how do i make my pdf’s continuous instead of page my page?
  • why does my pdf open in that size?
  • how do i connect one text box to another?
  • how do you do sticky notes on pdf’s
  • this frickin list doesn’t end… ever
  • i will never get Alzheimers

I know I go on and on about Skype, but it’s just so damn convenient, and it’s free!  I find very few  people know about it and use it.   I don’t understand why not?   I don’t have unlimited minutes on my phone so it’s saves me there, but better yet the person can see my screen and vice versa.  Whether I’m showing them how to do something or vice versa.

I just got some great tips on my new headshot price list from Toronto Lingerie Photographer Kathy Honeybourne tonight via Skype.  I offer two packages and it was suggested I offer a third more expensive to drive traffic to my middle pricing.  Yep.

You sign up for Skype then type in someones email, name or skype name to see if they’re on it.  If they’re not it will send them an email inviting them to join.  My stepdad figured it out by himself and that’s saying a lot.  His entire family lives around the country and they can video chat.  He just became a Great Grampa so he can keep in touch.

So if you want to drop me a line and say hi… Skype me!


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