Put It On A Platter

Detroit Michigan Modeling Portfolio Photography by Mary DuPrie

I have seen my business change dramatically over the last year.   Almost 100% of my business use to come from within the modeling world or commercial clients.  I hardly ever dealt with the public.  Because of Great Search Engine Optimization by Blake Discher my business is now about 60% through web search.

The difference is the public needs a lot of hand holding and information.  I use to basically say “you need to talk to the agency about that”.  Now it’s all on me.  The questions are never ending.  The confusion about what they can and can not print is endless.  With my new bare bones InDesign knowledge I’m redoing my info and creating a lot of new content.  It’s a bit confusing because depending on what package they purchase and if they’re already a signed talent the steps are different.

The amount of time explaining over and over again is getting old.  I’m asking some of my new clients to help me with it to see if they understand and based on that I keep tweaking it.

Most people seem to think they can print proofs.  I’m not sure where this comes from because you’ve never been able to print proofs in the portrait world.  It seems digital is very confusing to the consumer.  I must not be stating it right.

My motto is “if you’re having issues with clients it’s you, not them.

I must not of supplied the right/enough information,  otherwise I wouldn’t be having this discussion.

I don’t want to give them so much information it’s scary but I have to at least cover most of the bases for them.  I’ve seen some websites that have so much information and a lot of it is negative it’s kinda a turn off.

An example is a last minute cancellations and my obligation to pay the makeup artist I’ve booked on their behalf.  This has been a particularly sticky situation.  Do I pay her in full for the booking?  Give her half?  Nothing?  How much do I keep of the deposit?  All of it?  Part of it?  A small re-booking fee?  It’s been an issue I’ve not been able to successfully resolve.

The Scenario

They’ve seen my images and based on that want more information..

  • Professional snazzy looking info that says I’m part of the industry they want to be in
  • After they book… a client info package (if they show up only wearing the clothes on their back, it’s my fault)
  • Post shoot… here’s what to do next (it’s a long and varied list)

Any repetitive questions from clients or potential clients means I’m not doing my job.  I want my literature to speak for me.  I don’t want to spin my wheels over and over again.

Because most clients are hoping to get into an industry they know nothing about and they have valid concerns I’m their  industry “insider”.

I’m getting the hang of this public stuff… thank goodness.

Put it on a platter and then hit the easy button


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1 Chuck S November 29, 2010 at 7:39 pm

Since Fred brought up Lynda.com, below is a link to get you a 7 day free pass. They have hundreds of hours of videos. If you decide to sign on for the year long plan, do a google search for the $50.00 discount code.


Hope that will help.


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