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Detroit Michigan Beauty Model Photographer Mary DuPrie

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OK… talk about making a TV show about nothin!  There is a show about people who buy abandoned storage lockers.   I can just here the pitch now.  We want to do a show on abandoned storage lockers.  What did you say!?

I signed up for tonight as an early Christmas present to myself.  I have to say it was extremely fun and probably the easiest site I’ve ever navigated.  Talk about lightening speed when it comes to rendering.  Don’t blink.    You can put the completed video on Twitter,  Facebook, YouTube  ect with just a click.

I want to offer a snazzy dvd for client shoots so this will be great.   I played around for a little bit and didn’t really put much thought into it.  Just wanted something up.  I want to do another one where the images flow better.  It’s funny, the template they offer looks a lot like my album layouts, so they’ll match.

I’ll post an in-depth review  when I have a chance.  The most fun I’ve had on my computer in awhile.  I used  the song that I licensed a couple of weeks ago.  How does YouTube know I licensed it?

I haven’t done any research into this field. Perhaps there are other companies doing the same thing, I don’t know?   I was  referred to them and just went by that.  I watched it 20 times!


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