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Detroit Michigan Editorial Photographers… I hosted an ASMP event last night at the studio.  Tom McKenzie moderated the round table, ask anything, event.  ASMP main focus is for photographs who do editorial (not fashion editorials) for magazines.  A great resouce for new photographers quoting commercial and editorial photography and learn about copyright.  Meetings are normally held every third Thursday of the month.

The goal of ASMP is:

Our goal is to educate photographers, clients and students to the value of photography and the benefits of good business practices. The American Society of Magazine Photographers was founded in 1944 by a handful of the world’s leading photographers, and is recognized internationally for its leadership role. ASMP has more than 5000 members in 40 chapters across the USA, and members in 37 foreign countries.

The ASMP has three purposes:

1. To protect and promote the interests of photographers whose work is for publication.

2. To promote high professional standards and ethics.

3. To cultivate friendship and mutual understanding between photographers. Professional photographers rely on the paid use of their images to support themselves.


The studio shows great and night, big, open but still cozy.  Lots of different colored of light sources… disco balls, chandeliers, candelabras, church lanterns, stage lighting ect.  I never use my ceiling lighting at night.  Great smelling candles,  a full bar and finally great sexy music.

International music with an emphasis on laid back Tango, very little English is on my playlist.  Most clients say they’ve never heard the songs before and often ask to write down what we’re listening to… ahhh.

Against popular believe I do not let the talent choose the studio music, I develop and create all the studio playlists.  I just cannot be creative with music that is annoying to me, I’m ok with it being annoying to someone else, they’re there to do a job.




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Metro Detroit Photographers… loving me some ring light.  My love of the ring light is on and off.  It can be a tricky light to use.  The ring light has a very distinct hard edge look.  You normally see it used as a main light and you see fashion photographers using it as a fill on camera.  When used as a main light the model is normally up against a wall and you see the tell tale outline behind the model.

Fashion photographers use it as fill because it fills the weave of fabric so well.  It’s tricky to use as a fill because it’s normally just one third of a stop over the main.

I have the Profoto ring light, reflector and acute pack.  I find the ergonomics on it very awkward because it blocks my trigger finger when used in the vertical position (which is how I most often use it). It’s a beast and I normally use it with the reflector on.  I’m not crazy about using the pack with it and find in confusing.

I normally use it with my 70-200 which makes it heavy heavy heavy.  I find a zoom lens works best because it’s hard to walk in or out because the ring light travels with you.  I find that if I tape the floor for my base F-stop, let’s say F5.6,  I can  take a giant step forward for F8, giant step backwards for F4

Years ago you had to spend at least $2,000. to get a ring flash, Paul Buff has since come out with a model at about $300.  It’s all plastic (feels cheap) which I’m not crazy about but what I do like is the easy slider control.  There isn’t a power pack to deal with either.  Overall I think it’s worth the money.  No matter what you buy it’s never going to be perfect.

The look goes with certain models and styling and can be over used.  Sometimes it can even make you lazy using it when you shouldn’t.  There is no reason it has to be on the camera either and it can stand in as another light source.  I think every model could use at least one image in their book shot with a ring light.

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Metro Detroit Portfolio Photographers, we need to have lots of different techniques in our arsenal to give a model the variety they need.   A portfolio is built up over time.  I often have people call and ask for a “portfolio”, using that phrase I know they are just starting in modeling.   You develop a portfolio over time, not in one shoot.

Artistic images aren’t normally needed when first starting but if you’re testing/tfcd/tfp/tf…  you get what you get.   If you were a new model paying for a shoot, fairly simple shots would be in order.  The images should be about the model, not the technique or photographer.

In larger markets agencies make you test with one of their photographers and the model has to pay for that.  One model I’ve photographed several times stated that her Miami Agency made her test at least every three months (which she had to pay for).  They also have a list of photographers who want to break in to the business and will test for free for various reasons.  Another level of testing is the model might only have to pay the makeup artist, which might even be discounted.

Basically whoever is considered at the top of the heap is in the drivers seat.

Testing in our industry is common and there are different types

1. Agency Testing, the model pays the photographer and makeup/hair person and perhaps a wardrobe stylist

2.  The model only pays the photographer or makeup artist

3.  The model pays no one

4.  Agency Account Fee Testing.   The fee for testing goes on the models agency account in larger markets.  When the model receives payment for jobs the testing fees will be deducted from her account.  The agency is basically fronting money.  They will use a “test” photographer that works with them on a regular basis and will give the agency feedback.  It could be a day where several models are testing and an agency booker will be on hand to watch their potential and receive critical feedback.

What you can receive from shooting varies

1.  TFCD  is Time For a CD

2.  TFP is Time for Print

3.  TF  is Time for whatever is nogotiated

With non agency testing  the photographer usually sets the ground rules and parameters

I don’t like it when the makeup artist or model sets up  testing as the photographer is the one who is going to deliver the prints, files, cd, prints… whatever.  The makeup artist/model  can not speak for the photographer as to what, when and how the final product will be delivered.  If a model and makeup artist spend their time testing and receive nothing afterwards ( it can and does happen) it’s a big waste of time.

If the model is exclusively signed in a larger market, like New York, Chicago, LA, Miami, you will have to go through their agency.  What and how they want things delivered to them and the model will have to be followed… whether the photographer does it that way or not.  The photographer bends to the agency.

I “normally” offer testing to models that have booked me for a Two Look Agency Submission Package.   If the model fits in to my needs I will put them on a list to contact when I want to practice with new lighting techniques or add to my book/portfolio in some way.  I have a few lucky models who have developed wonderful portfolios this way.

In larger markets if the model is signed exclusively they will have to get permission to test with someone even if it’s for free.  The agency will look  at the photographers work and give the go ahead.  So a photographer might not be able to “give” their work away if the agency deems their work “not at the level or type” needed by the model.  This by no means covers everything about testing but it gives a good overview for models just starting out.

My best most creative work comes from testing… and testing never ends.


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Detroit Michigan Commercial Model Photographers… we see what “can” be.  Clients literally see an image but  as a photographer I envision.   I pretty much know how I’m going to retouch an image when I see it.    I might plan on changing the overall tone, perhaps split toning, where I take the shadows blue and keep the highlights warm.  I lot of fashion images go towards the blue side with the face going somewhat white.

I do a lot of burning/darkening and dodging/lightening to an  image.  So wherever I have highlights I go over with more highlights and where ever I have shadows I go over with even more shadows, in varying degrees.

The image above was from a test I did for a commercial hair care client before the big shoot day.  If the shoot deserves it I will do a pre-shoot so the day of the shoot will go faster and smoother.  In commercial and advertising photography it’s not always possible for a pre-shoot but because it was in my studio I thought I would go for it.

What I’ve finally learned from photographing and trying to retouch hair is to NOT edge/rim light it.  It’s basically impossible to retouch rim lit hair.  So the big change I would make with this setup is to let the edges of the hair  go dark and only light the hair from the front and top.

Camera right side of the hair is all but impossible to retouch… bummer.  (At least at my skill level).

I don’t always vignette and if I do I try to make it asymmetrical.   Applying the same vignette on an image can go a bit High School Senior looking so I try to change it up.  I like to burn the edges or better yet use a transparent gradient on the edges, in a color besides just black.  I’m aiming for a spotlight look on the face.

Years ago I had a photographer say about digital “you have to dig out the image”… very true with digital.

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Modeling Photographers Michigan

January 15, 2014
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Modeling Photographers Michigan Modeling Photographers Michigan quite a diverse bunch.  We all work very differently from one another and have different comfort levels.  Mine has changed drastically over time.  Years ago I didn’t allow anyone on set, not even the makeup artist.  I didn’t like the feeling of someone standing behind me, judging me.  Well […]

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Detroit Michigan Beauty Photography

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Detroit Corporate Head Shot Photography

September 8, 2013
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Detroit Michigan Childrens Photographers

September 7, 2013
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Detroit Michigan Children’s Photographers Mary DuPrie Detroit Michigan Childrens Photographers.  I had a previous client email me this week saying she took her daughter to another studio for a modeling workshop.  Her daughter is 12  and has only been to my studio for her first time shoot.  They had no idea how unusual my studio […]

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