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Detroit Michigan Modeling Portfolio Photography by Mary DuPrie

A bit of a storm last night so no internet.  I’m kinda secretly glad when the net goes down late at night.   A day off.

So I made this video to go along with my comp card pricing.  It’s laid out to match my literature.  Head shots first, casual outfits, workout or bathing suits and finally a dressy type outfit.  I think it gives the client a glimpse into what a comp card looks like and that I’m the one to shoot it!

Yesterday was full of tangents.  I got started by wondering how do I connect more than one song together on  They don’t offer it so you have to import it that way.   I looked in their forum and didn’t find much.  Quick Time Pro and IMovie were suggested and that’s it.  No one around on Skype… bummer

I’ve noticed my thought process is to immediately go to youtube to find videos.  It was a bit confusing.  I know nothing about Audio whatsoever.  I have Premier Pro but didn’t think of going there because it wasn’t mentioned.  I spent $30 for QuickTimePro and found out it doesn’t export as an MP3.

I talked with Aurora V yesterday who’s moved to Pittsburg.  So now she’s Pittsburgh heirloom photography Aurrora V.  She mentioned Audacity and Bias.  Great, a lead.  Audacity was a free download.  Still didn’t work because you need a plugin with it called LAME.  Bingo.  I was very proud of myself for figuring it all out.

Erick, my video editor mentioned Soundbooth, what?  I have that?  Yep.  Mission was already accomplished so why go there now!?  I mentioned Soundbooth to someone else, so we both got on Skype and figured it out together.  Talk about easy.  Definitely the way to go.  So now I can string together two or three songs, export them as MP3s and upload to animoto.  Animoto’s max is 10 minutes.

The videos I’ve been working on are for studio advertising.  The 10 minute videos would be for client deliverables.  I like the window pane template  from animoto, set to 1/2 speed, so it plays at a nice leisurely pace for clients.  Right now I’m thinking just for my glamour clients.

The hardest part has been finding happy, upbeat, non-annoying commercial type songs.  I found a great kids song I love though, stay tuned for that.  I was looking for something “Jack Johnson” sounding  for my kids video.  I’m making a video for every category I shoot, including one just for men and actors head shots.

It was a tangent that lasted several hours, but that’s normal for me.

I’ve sent out my new price list and have gotten responses… more questions.  Hummm.  Glad I can just open up InDesign and tweak it.  Eventually I should get it right.

Some things they ask I answer  with a client info package once they book.  Why give it all up front.


I have to say one of my all time favorite tips I can give someone is to have a “MASTER FILE” of ALL your retouched “finals”.  I spend a lot of time retouching and want them all in one place.  It has been one of my biggest time savers.  Submitting for interviews, lectures, articles, videos, literature, advertising, whatever.  I go to it all the time it seems.  I can just fly through it and choose images.

I have lost quite a few masters when I lost two hard drives…ouch.  I only keep my retouched printable jpgs in the master file.  Huge time saver when you need an image.


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1 Toronto Boudoir Photographer December 7, 2010 at 10:42 am

Perfect song choice !
Your body of work just amazes me !!


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