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Kellys Comp Card Shoot from mary duprie on Vimeo.

Detroit Michigan People Photographer Mary DuPrie

So I’ve been thinking about how I would approach or even “if” I would ask paying clients about video taping them.  I thought why not dive in today and pitch my idea.  So here goes.

At the end of the look I would video tape the setup, talk a bit about it, show the lighting ect.  My offer was that if I taped them (in the set)  they would get one retouched master image from that set/look at no charge.  They would get the image whether I use it for my blog, ect or not.    If I taped all four looks they would save $170.

Today was supposedly easy because we were inside the studio all day.  Most of my comp cards are shot outside however.  I’m going to have to suck it up and bring the camera with me I guess.  The only glitch is setting up the wheels, they’re kind of a drag.  But I’m determined.  I’ve tried to hand hold the camera and I totally suck at it.  Because it’s just how to stuff perhaps I could get away with it.

We forgot to film the first look and she had to come back on set.  Totally forgot look two and three… uggg!.  Finally wrote myself a big fat note and reminded the model Kelly and Michigan Makeup Artist Tammy Pore to remind me.  It’s a learning curve people.  The client has a vested interest in reminding me.

I don’t plan on filming beginners because they are under too much pressure, but I think if the client is comfortable/advanced enough I would make the offer, otherwise I would just film an empty set.  I would still have to give them an image because I would want to show a final image from the setup.  Always something new…


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