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I shot Beth McLoeds new headshot last week.  She’s a local Detroit television personality and does the Michigan Lottery.  Studio headshots are a ton of work and I fuss over headshots more than anything I shoot.  Having a makeup artist on set to finesses the hair is critical, otherwise I would be putting my camera down constantly.  I like a somewhat casual look to the hair, I don’t want it to look like beauty pageant hair,  (when you turn her upside down it doesn’t move!)  I like the hair to look like it’s a bit wind swept and casual.

I make sure that both eyebrows are fully visible, plus a bit more, to show the width of the face.  A wider face is more valuable than a narrow face and I want to pick up the most real estate by having the bangs swept back and to the side.  It’s really hard to get the hair to stay back and it’s a constant battle on set.

I shoot most of my headshots with my 20 ft bank of north facing windows.  The problem with that is the windows also light the neck, so I have to pick and choose who I can shoot this way.   If I need neck shadow I have to add a strobe or a spider light and use the windows as fill.

I clip medium size A-clamps to the bottom of the sleeves and jacket to weight it and take the wrinkles out.  I didn’t use any skin smoothing plugins at all, I tend to retouch  by hand more and more.  Better the skin looks like it has some flaws than too perfect.

Detroit Michigan Makeup Artist Tammy Pore was my makeup artist of choice.  Beth’s headshot will be making the rounds, and all the agencies will see it.  With agencies you’re only as good as your last shoot.  Tammy understands what agency makeup is and just as important… is not.

Beth had her own top with this suit but I thought this white ribbed cotton tank from my wardrobe worked better.  I like the sporty casualness it brought to the suit.  I’ve had this tank for years and have never used it, a $3. Salvation Army purchase finally called to action.

I have never seen teeth as beautiful as Beth’s.  They are literally white… and all natural.

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1 Delane Rouse May 18, 2011 at 10:04 pm

Love…LOVE…L-O-V-E the tip on the clamps. Got any to teach men how to tie a necktie so that it looks GREAT?


2 Mike March 15, 2011 at 12:20 am

Excellent post. Especially like the great tip on using the clamps to weight down the sleeves!


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