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Detroit Michigan Children’s Photographers Mary DuPrie

Whenever I get an email from a parent asking for 100 headshots or 100 comp cards for their child I know why.  They got accepted to “The Event”… wow supercalifragilisticexpialidocious oh my!  You and every other child whose parents has deep pockets or perhaps a credit card with enough credit get accepted.  The guise is that only a few will get accepted… nope, anyone and everyone who can afford to pay “gets” accepted.

Slap my Mama and call me silly but don’t they have a thing called the internet!?

I’m not going to go into all the press that is out there about events like “THE EVENT” suffice to say the info is out there and easy enough to find.  GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND AND LOVER BUT ESPECIALLY YOUR MAMA!

This is an outrageously expensive talent contest to say the least.  Instead of going to one of these “faux” casting calls for Disney (which they never actually say, just lead you to believe) enroll your child in something to further their aspirations;  like acting workshops, improv, voice, plays and great headshots just to name a few.

PittsburghTV spot about The Event

Cleveland complaints about The Event

etc etc etc… said in a long drawn out Henry Higgins accent

If you want to look up a company or product it is extremely simple… simply type in the company/product name followed by the word SCAM.  Google complaints will pop up if there are any.

example:  Bigfoot Scam

example:  Lockness Monster Scam

example: Skinny Jeans Look Great On Everyone Scam

Running ads on local radio stations dropping the name Disney, Disney, Disney, Disney, Disney… well you get the idea.  When you hear it on the radio it must be legit, right!?

Kids don’t generally get discovered because they are cute or handsome, it’s because they’re talented.  Invest in the education of becoming an actor in your local market first, find out how the business works then proceed with caution.

If you have already paid for your “opportunity” at Then Event, then enjoy yourself for what it’s worth and no more.  The average cost is a minimum of $5,000. with nothing to show for it in the end professionally but a “somewhat” family vacation.  You’ll only do it once and you will probably never speak of it again… tons of people put down deposits and don’t go.  They start adding up what the whole experience will add up to and decide to cut their losses, which is what The Event counts on.  There are other ways to boost your child’s confidence if you’re looking for that.

If you go to Orlando… hopefully it’s a “real” family vacation.

Fairy dust is great… fairly bust is not.


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1 Dan Denardo Photography January 6, 2012 at 6:13 am

Who’s the hottie?

Happy New Year, Mary.


2 Mary DuPrie January 23, 2012 at 12:07 pm

I’m not sure?


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