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Oh, that’s easy… I mentioned to my friend Eric that I liked how retouching sites had rollover images showing their before and after retouching samples.  I actually taught myself how to retouch by analyzing various rollovers.  I would mouse over them again and again, especially paying attention to the dodging and burning.  I started a new category today on my site where I’ll be adding rollovers.  Model Photography Retouching

I still cringe when I hear my uber smart techie geekie friends say that…  no, it’s not so easy.  I can, and will,  always relate to the fact that all this stuff is hard.  Yes, I’ve memorized the steps to do it but I really don’t understand the mechanics behind it.

Dreamweaver and coding will always be a mystery.  I’m in awe of the people who’ve invented it and those who actually understand it. I just do what people tell me to do.

I make text documents so I can look up the recipes later, especially for DreamWeaver.  If I have to go in months later I have to rack my brain to remember the workflow or remember how I labeled my text document.   I sometimes don’t remember and have to Skype with my more knowledgeable friends.  I make a huge effort to try and remember in the first place so they don’t think I’m lazy and just taking advantage.

I empathize when I have clients who don’t know what a proof disc is, how to download images from their emails, how to save the images and how the hell do they print 9x12s????

Why 9×12?  Who the hell knows… got me!?  Why do model images need to be 9×12?  When did that begin?  Why?  I wish someone would tell me, then I would be in on the joke.  Since I give the client files to print for their modeling books they are responsible for finding a printer for 9×12’s.    Right away I have to mention, oh, good luck with that locally.

So in my printing release, which btw, is on the same page as my modeling release,  I mention the workaround.  To put two 9×12’s next to one aonther on a 12×18 templet and cut it down the middle.  Yes, you can always mail order prints for more $$$ but I’ve found Costco at just $3 buckaroonies just fine for model books.  That’s make it just $1.50 for each 9×12.

I know that more and more clients have the ability or know of someone who understands computers.  But for those clients who don’t have computer skills or savvy friends I’ll have to add the 12×18 layout as an option to my price list.

I will never forget  this stuff is hard…

Oakland County Model Photographers Mary DuPrie

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1 David Roberts Photography February 22, 2012 at 11:38 am

You are right if you don’t use it you loose it ,but there is so much we have to use and they are always changing it. I heard that the 9×12’s are going to change size again to a 30×40 wallet size.LOL


2 Maui Wedding Photographers February 7, 2012 at 1:56 pm

Just looked at the link on your rollovers, and think this is a great idea for illustrating how important a skilled retoucher can bring out the best in an image. Thanks for sharing.


3 Birmingham Michigan Makeup Artist February 5, 2012 at 6:45 pm

Hey Mary~ Would love to work with him. Could use more male grooming in my portfolio.


4 Pettina07 January 25, 2012 at 8:10 am

Well no doubt about that, A model like him will bring a different kind of image to us.


5 Les Howard January 19, 2012 at 12:56 pm

I think the reason for 9x12s is to discourage models from doing their own printing at home on a cheap printer they can get at Best Buy for $99. Many of my non-photographer friends are very proud of their photos printed on copy paper. Yuck!

I agree that Costco prints are quite good. I don’t use them because of the inconvenience to me. Here in Ontario the Shoppers Drug Mart chain has their EasyPix service that I do use. They are just as good as Costco but the largest print size available is 8×12. I do all the work at home, use Lightroom to output print layouts to jpeg disk files which I then transfer to an old (otherwise retired) 1 MB compact flash card then take it over to the drug store where they print it out while I wait. I also do photo business cards this way – you can fit 10 on an 8×10 sheet, the cheapest option. I even print cutting guides – LR has an option for it – so I can cut them at home on my rotary print trimmer (a handy dandy device the drug store doesn’t have that does much straighter cuts than their guillotine cutter).


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