June 4, 2010
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Commercial models audition for print and Television.  Their head shots and the shots that pertain to the audition are sent.  The agency has a database, the Booker goes through their images and sends what they think is appropriate for that job.  They normally send 3 or 4 images of each model, one image for acting. […]

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I Give Up

May 25, 2010
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The peace sign here can mean two things, peace or surrender. Hoping for different results when I hit the register button again.  Buying a new computer and changing everything over is a royal pain.  I purchased a new Mac Pro G4 Intel awhile ago and I’m just getting around to changing over.  Yuk. I had […]

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Visit The Dark

May 12, 2010
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Working alone can be crazy for some setups. The smaller and more specific the lighting the longer the setup takes.  It can limit the models movements forcing them to pose  This is when a helping hand is invaluable or a model that is extremely patient.  When I start a shoot I often don’t know where […]

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Lifestyle Photography in Detroit

April 23, 2010
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Lifestyle Photography in Detroit Mary DuPrie Having a model holding a coffee cup is much harder than it looks.  Having a cup with the right size and shape handle can make it a lot easier.  I like a handle you can put your hand in, it keeps the hand looking softer. This would be more […]

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Detroit Michigan Commercial Photographers

April 21, 2010
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Detroit Michigan Commercial Photography Mary DuPrie Typical amount of money spent on wardrobe for one of my shoots is about $10. To build a commercial/agency book it’s great to include workout/spa setups with more commercial looking wardrobe. I find that workout images are easier to shoot than bathing suits for a beginner model and models […]

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Michigan Commercial Photography

April 14, 2010
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Detroit Michigan Commercial Photographers Mary DuPrie I’m often asked “How can I make money shooting models?” I’ve listed a few questions I would ask… what part of the country are you in do you have a studio, do you need a studio are there agencies where you are is there a market what kind of […]

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Detroit Michigan Model Photographer

April 7, 2010
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Detroit Michigan Model Photographers Mary DuPrie That is putting it mildly.  Years ago I gave up trying to make prints from my home office, it was certainly the most frustrating, time consuming thing I’ve tried to do.  I have to admit I now print everything at Costco with no regrets. Tied neck and neck with […]

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