Detroit Corporate Head Shot Photography


Detroit Corporate Head Shot Photography

Detroit Corporate Head Shot Photography Mary DuPrie

Detroit corporate head shot photography is definitely picking up these days.  Business people understand the power of branding themselves.  Clients really want to see your face and make decisions sometimes based solely on that.  Business has really picked up with head shots/portraits.  The head shots that draw the most attention are definitely my natural daylight images, for men and women.

The left is natural daylight with lots of side sculpting with large black flats.  Without the sculpting I feel men can look a bit pastie and washed out.  I’m really trying to keep the bone structure and give a strong jawline, not always easy with window light.

The traditional strobe setup seems to be the necessary evil image for some clients… it’s I know I should have it but I really want something a bit more current and modern.  The strobe setup has been around for years especially because you can “disguise” what doesn’t need to be seen, double chins, extra weight, weak jaws, thin faces, wide faces, eyes too close… well you get the idea.

Working with window light can be great but it’s not the answer to everything until you learn how to control it with flagging and posing.

Thus my two look package has become my most popular.  The natural daylight image can be much sexier for men and more beautiful for women.


Detroit Business Head Shot Pricing Mary DuPrie



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