Modeling Photographers Michigan

Modeling Photographers Michigan

Modeling Photographers Michigan

Modeling Photographers Michigan quite a diverse bunch.  We all work very differently from one another and have different comfort levels.  Mine has changed drastically over time.  Years ago I didn’t allow anyone on set, not even the makeup artist.  I didn’t like the feeling of someone standing behind me, judging me.  Well that has really changed.  I now want my assistant and makeup artist  to stand where they can see the monitor and model easily so they can jump in to help quickly.

This post is not really about who watches but rather about taking behind the scenes images.  As a photographer you know your favorite pics on blogs are the bts images.  Showing a finished retouched image isn’t really helpful… what we want are several angles of the set/lighting and the raw image to “really” make the info useful.

So you have different behind the scene type of images…  getting made up, goofing around, sneak peaks,  the team, sets and  lighting images.  Each of us has a different comfort level and that has to be asked/told up front.

During the shoot  I find my favorite image, have them photograph it, including the side info so you know it’s the raw image.  I then encourage the talent and mua to post on Social Media while still at the studio.   That way I have control over what goes out.  I do like the talent to check in to Mary DuPrie Studios when they arrive, but I never remember to suggest it.

I am not a fan of showing the talent “un-madeup”   I don’t allow my makeup artist to take before pics and share on social media or their website.  I don’t want the talent to feel bad because they’re not shown at their best.

Modeling Photographers Michigan

I can understand photographers not wanting to share certain things and it can be uncomfortable telling someone they can’t photograph.  Taking bts has become a huge part of the “experience” for talent… it’s the new normal to document their lives.

Moms, Dads, friends, family and makeup artists… taking bts images are fine with with very few things off limit.


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