Detroit Michigan Fashion Photographers

Detroit Michigan Fashion Photographers Mary DuPrie

Yesterday I posted 2 images of setups, well that’s not helpful, who cares, so what!

What did the images look like from the setup little missy!  I often see “behind the scenes” videos and pics, but without the “results there is no connection to be made.  I can’t determine if that’s a setup i might be interested in trying to re-create.  Another key to the chain of events is the original unretouched image.  I need to see what came out of the camera and what is post so i can really determine what is going on.  Photoshop allows “saving” of certain images and if you have mad PS skillz who knows what was really going on.

So it’s a 1-2-3 love letter……i need all the pages.  If I don’t read in page 2 that my boyfriend is moving to be with his new baby mama….. I might not answer I LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE EACH DAY on page 3!

OK…..for the tech talk

The model Is the wonderful Tiffany Stone, hair and makeup from the fabulous Tammy Pore.  As far as styling I have never worked with a stylist and a lot of the clothes the models wear are from Salvation Army, yep.  In most of my images the total cost for clothing is around $10.  I want to appeal to people that yes you can do it to with the right eye, keep it simple and pared down.  In a later post i’ll go into what would make a good basic studio wardrobe.

The setup Tiffany is standing in are 2 4×8 styrofoam panels, but the big difference is that i glued a piece of reject plastic laminate on them and troweled on Venetian Plaster from Home Depot and then burnished it.  The panels are being held up with step ladders and sandbags so the model can really lean back on them.

The light is one ARRI 1200 HMI rented from Will at Detroit Power and Light (they run about $7,000.00 new…..accepting donations!)  Because the panels are in a V and i’m using the barndoors the light patterns really show up.   I used my 16-35 wide angle at 26mm, 200iso, 4.5@320 no fill.

When taking the shot i was most concerned about achieving shadows in her stomach area, the more she turned towards the light the more it flattened her out and made her look heavy.  I’m not a fan of the pose “arms over the head” but because she has long sleeves on and the arm is so high up out of view I think it works here.

Retouching was minimal and nothing out of normal workflow.  I took the above image of an attendee shooting at my March 2010 workshop.

Detroit Michigan Glamour Photographers Mary DuPrie


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1 Brad Merritt June 7, 2010 at 7:03 am


I love that the before and after photos really have minimal changes – if hardly any at all! This is a wonderful setup!


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