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I’ve been stuck in some major computer hell lately.  Working on this blog has been way more work than I planned on.  I purchased a theme called Thesis which I didn’t understand what I was buying or how it all works.  I took the advice of a good friend who is helping me with all this.  Unfortunately for him he has now defaulted as the helper and custom code changer. I am involved as much as I can be, I really try and put the work in so I understand how it works and I can manage it.  It’s the first project I feel I have a bit of control and understanding over.

But not so fast, after having it 95% done last night I lost all the images, vanished…..what!  It’s 1:45 in the morning and it’s all gone.  Going into wordpress my edit page is even wacky….no images on the icons.  So it goes……hitting buttons over and over and hoping to get different results.


1.  Restart computer….nope

2.  Reinstall firebox…..notta

3.  Try another browser…yep

4.  Open safari…hey there it all is….bingo

5.  Open wordpress….crap….still not working

6.  Check firefox preferences…..ohh la la

I stumbled into Content and see a box checked  that says
Load Images Automatically; with a box next to it called Exceptions….clicked on that and loe and behold Photographingmodels.com is checked to NOT upload pics to it..…what!?  Just out of the blue it gets checked…That is also why my wordpress is not working, the icons are images.

I’ve never even seen this preference before, didn’t know it existed, how does this happen!?  Computer ghosts.  Needless to say I was very proud to have found this preference and that I fixed it.  While I was in there I figured I would tinker around and with the first tinker my site went whacko!  I know the only way to really learn how things work is to press that scary button and when you get the dreaded greyed out “can’t undo” I chose my favorite swear word, a sort of self admonishment.  We all need that computer friend who can help us retrieve, re-upload, reboot, relate, relapse, return, recreate, realign, reanimate, restart  and relieve our computer hell lives.  (did you know there are more than 4,000 words that start with re!)

So I’m talking with my mom this afternoon and want her to check to see what shows up on their computer.  Yeah right.  My stepfather is 81 and my mom is 76.  He only reads email and uses the computer to play internet poker on the account I set up for him, my mom refuses to use it.  Meanwhile I gave them a 27″ IMac…which means they just have a really expensive mail checkin, poker playin machine.

So back to talking with them….I ask him to type in Photographingmodels.com in the top bar.  His answer to me was “I don’t have a top bar.” I had to laugh and say everyone in the world has a top bar, his answer, “not us.”

I understood asking them would be challenging but I had to laugh because that is what i’m going thru right now.  Trying to get my blog up and running has entailed many phone calls, yahoo chats and emails and I feel some of my answers are just as lame.  If you are getting free help from someone, I have really learned their is an art to listening and not jumping ahead of what they’re saying.  If you don’t have a lot of money to throw at this thing knowing at least the basics helps,  so I’m really trying to do my part.

I’ve noticed some people really have a temperament for helping on the phone.  I’ve encountered my Comcast email going out lately and have talked with their tech help and it’s amazing how calm, cool and collected they are when they ask “do you see” and I answer “no, I don’t see that.” They smoothly go on to something else not making you feel like a dolt.  Good friends are like….patient with your lack of knowledge and not mad at you when you deleted something they told you not to delete. (sorry)

So I’m quite connected to this new blog, it represents hours and hours of work.  The next question was “what happens when someone wants to subscribe?”  Ahhh…..I don’t know, i guess you’ll have to help me with that too.  It’s never as easy as they make it appear, this stuff is still hard!

People who know code are sexy…even the word code is sexy…. do you have a codeword?

They are the Doms we are the Subs.…….just sayin

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1 Brad Merritt June 7, 2010 at 7:09 am


I know you do not need the help – but you know where I am if any “code” issues arise in your blogging future.



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