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Yesterday I spoke of buying wardrobe at Salvation Army.  Looking through images to write about today I ran into this image.  This image is one of my all time favorites.  It’s  one of my very first outdoor shoots.  I didn’t know anything about lighting outside at all.  I would just show up and have the model tip her head up to the sky to fill in her face.  Ignorance can sometimes be bliss.

I often worked with just the model with no help.   No makeup artist, assistants, nothing.  We just drove around and found places to shoot.  I haul a bunch of crap around now practicing for more commercial shoots that might come my way.  Kinda miss the gorilla style shooting early in my career.

Sara is one of my all time favorite models but unfortunately she’s moved away.  She didn’t need much prompting and I love the way she could nail looking off camera. I think it’s important to have off camera looks in your portfolio to add variety.  New models need a lot of guidance and permission to look off camera.   Sara was a bit hard to wardrobe as she was quite curvy but these long one piece dresses looked great on her.  Sometimes putting more clothing on a model can be more sexy than taking it away.  I’m not a big jeans person so this is a great alternative.

I can’t remember where I got this great umbrella but it really makes the shot.  Her dress is a great Salvation Army find for about $10.  I rarely would pay more than $10 for a formal dress at SA.

I’m often asked what size wardrobe to buy for the studio.  The below is for commercial models stats.

  • clothing/dress size 6 average
  • shoes size 8 average
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