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A few people know me and my style, what I’m about.  But for those who don’t I thought I would write a bit about who I think this blog might interest.

I belong to Model Mayhem and I’m called a lurker; someone who reads the forums but who seldom post or responds to posts.  This is fairly common and many photographers do it.

The Model Mayhem group consist of everything from hobbyists to full time professionals.  There are a few full time commercial photographers and fashion photographers (very few) who  live and work in New York, Paris ect.  My blog is not for them.  My biggest team is usually the model and makeup artist (who does hair).  But in the past I have worked with just a model routinely, like Sloan shown above.  She is screaming at her ex-boyfriend btw.  I told her to make it real, the girl can swear!

A fashion photographer from Paris is routinely attacked in the forum for posting (simply copying and pasting from his blog about his biz, helping to drive traffic from the site to his blog and helping his seo ect.) A few photographers do thank him for his information but the masses don’t care much, they view it as elitist… blah blah blah.

They work with teams; agencies,agency models, wardrobe stylists, makeup artist, hair stylist, art director,  first assistant, second assistant, catering,…well you get the idea

Blake Discher gave me a good piece of advice after my last lecture…”know your audience”.

I think of the following photographers when I’m writing and musing;



  • shows up
  • the model calls versus emailing when your email is down and she’s not coming; grandma died again or maybe the cat got run over, too much to drink, to tired to get out of bed to see the sun come up…could we reschedule to when the sun goes down??
  • calls, not just texts
  • calls to cancel versus crickets
  • lucky if the model has clothes on a hanger versus in a paper bag
  • has cute wardrobe
  • is as tall as she claims
  • weighs close to what she listed
  • has average skin
  • doesn’t show up with a boy fried, when you clearly state no escorts
  • doesn’t have a sluggo manager (boyfriend or other photographer)
  • the girlfriend she brought is hotter than her (well that might not be a problem!?)


  • you’re not more nervous than the model
  • wow, this is really cool, girls come to me
  • buys wardrobe from Salvation Army and thrift stores or has none at all
  • the house is clean when the model shows up
  • your basement ceiling is taller than 8 ft’
  • your Significant Other lets you use the living room
  • you have a studio you share with others
  • no one makes a living at this but we all want to quit our day jobs to do this, all day, everyday
  • they have a roomy garage that’s heated and air conditioned, but I would even take a shed
  • there’s always outside
  • you might be color blind and don’t know it
  • color families, what?
  • don’t quite know how to use your new light meter yet
  • still figuring out how to use their camera in M
  • doesn’t understand  much about fashion
  • sweats a little too much (hope the model doesn’t see your pits)
  • tries not to seem quiet and creepy
  • can pay attention to detail when the model is half nakid
  • they don’t spend money they don’t have on a hobby their significant other doesn’t approve of
  • doesn’t know how to show the model what to do versus “I thought you said you were a model”? (think it looks kinda gay)
  • the image is in focus and properly exposed would be nice
  • oh, this lens, I’ve had this forever!
  • i need to get into video
  • owns a shoji screen and feather boas

If I’ve left anything out please feel free to add on!

You have no makeup artist and don’t know how to get one, can’t afford one.   A mua won’t test with you, they either want a kit fee or full payment

When the model shows up at your door you realize the other photographers were better than you because you know there is no way you’re going to make this model look as good as they did.  When you get done with this shoot and have to give the model her images and she posts them on the web you’re going to be busted, because you suck.  I suck all the time.  Sometimes I don’t remember how the hell anything works!

I write this for you…you don’t aspire to shoot for Vogue or move to New York.  You would be happy to be agency approved, get paid for a Head Shot or a models comp card.  But mostly you just want to get better so it’s easier to book better looking models that show up and don’t charge you.    Many  times it’s just you and the model and that’s just fine with you…now what?

This blog is for you…just sayin

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1 Mary DuPrie June 2, 2010 at 9:44 am

hook me up Roy!

let’s see what we can come up with…


2 Roy June 2, 2010 at 9:36 am

Great Blog Mary
I look forward to reading each new entry.

I also like to lurk in the MM forums. We could go on for days about the questions and answers in there. What I really like are the “experts” who have all the answers. But when you look at their profiles it is filled with the classic wrinkled sheet back drops. Just like mine. 🙂

If you ever want to take your workshops on the road we have a 70,000 sq ft studio that you would enjoy. I just wish we had your neighbors. I would love to have a great backdrop supply like you have.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and techniques.


3 Mary DuPrie June 2, 2010 at 9:18 am

Thanks so much for the comments…it helps to know you appreciate that we all struggle, all the time! It never goes away.


4 Seraphic Imago June 2, 2010 at 9:55 am


I’m a fan!

Hoping one-day to attend one of your workshops.


5 Edward June 2, 2010 at 5:53 am


I so love your wit as well as your work. I remember seeing this photo in one of your past posts or on one of your DVD’s possibly even on your OMP. I can only imagine what the young lady is “screaming” it too comes through with honesty. This may be the year that I actually make the trip to one of your workshops. So badly I want to add the quality images that I see from them to my portfolio. Normally I would be a “lurker” as well and not take this opportunity to post. Seeing that in writing is what made me do it LOL. Bring on the wit and banter as well as the amazing images you continue to produce.

Much respect,



6 Stanislav June 2, 2010 at 2:24 am

I would like to thank you for your blog. It’s great and very useful. Especial when you have already watched your DVDs. They are great two. I’m living in Russia. And here it’s a luck to get these DVDs.I’ve looked for the information how to model for a long time , but there were not useful books or movies. Thanks again for your DVDs. I like your style. Maybe it will be interestiong, when you describe you job step by step, from searching models till post-correction etc/


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