My Sweet Little Chair

I love this chair.  I can’t remember where I picked up this little chair, road side pit stop, dumpster dive, loading dock snag, but I know when I spotted it I had sweet love.  The seat has since broken at a workshop a couple of years ago though and is totally missing (not sure what the guys were doing with it).   I put an old painted lazy susan in it’s place so I can still use it, but it’s just not the same.  Explaining to someone who’s throwing it away how great it is, is no use,  it has become trash to them, they’ve sucked out every ounce of use they could.

It’s life continues and the mystery that surrounds it never goes away.  The life this chair has led, the stories it’s heard, the meals it’s had,  family gatherings through the years.  The wood has weathered, the  chair maker has done a good job of giving it a nice long life. This poor, sweet little chair with the band-aide lives on.

I seem to be going through a Sara phase lately, digging up a few older images.  Sara would make herself crack up during shooting.  I didn’t have to tell her a joke, make her laugh or anything.  She just started to crack up!  She knew her body language had to match what she was doing to be believable.  She made shooting a breeze.  New models need to be given permission and shown what to do over and over and over again…hopefully they aren’t too embarrassed or shy to give into the process.

Sara was in beauty school during this phase so you never knew what her hair was going to look like.  This color and style was definitely my favorite, it looked very french to me, I loved it.

She is wearing a Salvation Army $8. turtleneck dress.  The dress covering all her skin really forces your attention to her face.  I bought the earrings in San Diego while on vacation one year.  I loved them so much I bought them in three colors.  I have to admit I use them all the time, it doesn’t really bother me to shoot something a few times.  I think the shoes are hers.

We walked down the hall to another hallway that just happened to have the setting sun shining in it.  The light was striking the concrete floor (which also has a great patina) and acting like a big reflector.  No additional lights needed.

I have two gold 4×8 ft Styrofoam panels in the background to pick up a little gold tone.

This image isn’t about technique, it’s about warmth, giggles and personality…just sayin

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