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I did a commercial shoot a couple of years ago for Greek Town Casino.  It was right up my ally, attractive models smiling, not trying too hard, being warm and friendly.   My “hey” and “alligator” smiles are my signatures and I truly feel I get hired because of them.  The majority of commercial work is smiling.

The shoot was over a two day period, six models and 14 outfits. They wanted to have various outfits to “file away” and pull out when an event or advertisement fit the outfit.

How does one price a commercial shoot if the client doesn’t know what they’ll be doing with it…well thats a whole nother post.

I found this cute little fold out at the airport totally by surprise.  So if you want to pick up commercial work…smile smile smile

Most of my commercial clients ask for white seamless, high key, for future extractions off the background.  I would say it’s my most important set up for attracting potential commercial clients.

Some of my modeling agency work

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