She Looks Like An Angel

I first handled the Canon 85 1.2 when an attendee brought one to my workshop a couple of years ago.  I have to say I lusted after it.  It was heavy but in just the right way, balanced beautifully.  I use the lens every chance I get.

This beauty headshot of Karolina was simply shot with window light at 1.4.  An off the shoulder blouse from our friends at Salvation Army,  no jewelry and soft natural makeup.

What I really find appealing on Karolina is her hairline…I know it sounds funny but a beautiful hairline is something I find  extremely attractive.  Her hair is kinda wavy with just the right amount body and  wispies which gives her hair lift, to frame her face.

Shooting at 1.4 reminds me of a painting.

I’ve been attending an SEO conference for the last two days and I’m tired tired tired.  Learned tons more and I’ll have to spend next week working on some tweaks.  Stayed at the Best Western and there is nothing sadder than a worn out old hotel.  A stinky “non smoking” room with an ash tray is a bad sign…wi fi (the reason for no post yesterday) and air conditioning on the fritz too.  The shower was wet but you couldn’t feel it…it was just wrong at every turn.

Tomorrow I’m assisting the staff photographer on the set of a new ABC television series called Detroit 187.   Working all day Saturday and Sunday so I’m sure I’ll have lots to write about in regards to the process.  I’m thinking it will be a lot of waiting around and then hurry, hurry, hurry.  Early call…off to bed

To see more beautiful faces

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