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Detroit Lingerie Photographers Mary DuPrie

I was in the mood for testing today so I called cutie pie Cori.  Cori is a great test model because she’s eager to learn and she represents what a real women looks like.

I’m testing a high key white bed look that I would like to offer to potential glamour clients.  I set up the northeast corner of the studio.  It has windows that wrap around and gets great diffused light during the day.  I had the bed sitting in the middle of the room and literally walked around it 360 while shooting.  The walls were made up of 4’x 8’styrofoam panels with space in between some of them. I’m hiding my strobes behind them and just flooding the space with light.

I’m shooting every conceivable angle and catching the model off guard so she can’t over pose… little snippets.  I’m trying to figure out a way to optimize the space so I can get great variety within one set… a 360 degree set.

I learned a lot, changed quite a few things around while shooting and plan on working on it more.  Even though the set is basically all white, with small changes each shoot would look unique.  I’m glad I remembered to shoot items in the foreground to be out of focus, like beads, flowers, panels ect…

I’m trying to find a set up that works great for album layouts  and I think this is my answer.  Over exposing and flair is a great way to diminish flaws and I think looks great for all types of models.  The white bed has lots of little nooks and crannies to hide and play in.

I want to create an album that features just one model so a client can see what their layout could look like.  Thanks a ton Cori for coming over… and I need you to come back to finish!

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