Double Dipping

Model Photography Workshops by Mary DuPrie

So another great workshop has come to a close and the image of Chelsey above is just one of many examples.  The wall she’s standing in front of is a nasty background wall that’s had many lives. I recently painted white over the whole textured mess.  It’s had several Faux finishes throughout the years.

I just got tired of looking at it and decided to paint it white again.  The outline on the wall is the result of attendees  painting a couple of backgrounds in the space.  We stapled a 6’x8′ canvas background and base coated it red.

The guys didn’t know I had this idea in the back of my mind to use the outline.   In person it sure didn’t look promising.  When you have a great model like Chelsey she can make anything look good.

Above are two of the backgrounds, (step two) we made on Friday night.  We used the outline from the one on the left.  The outline on the right turned out with a very different color palette.  We ended up making two different backgrounds in each spot.

Yep, me in the middle, wearing my favorite clothes.  I buy big mens shirts at salvation army to paint in and just use them as rags, wiping my hands on them.  After they get ridiculously covered in paint I sadly throw them away.  There are a few artists in the building that have the same clothes and I always sigh when I see them.  I miss wearing clothes like this all day.  I use to wear them in public, as artists’ we’re exempt from looking crazy.

Detail image of step three.  After the backgrounds dry I glaze them with a very dark brown glaze to bring out all the texture from the troweling and thick Behr Venetian Plaster.

I miss painting… this would look great in my foyer… hummm

On a side note my blog is still not back to normal.  I can’t make links in my posts or put borders around my images.  The problem was not being current with my 3.0 word press theme.    Lesson learned.  Stay current even though you know it’s going to be a headache if you’ve added a lot of custom features.

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