Widgets Are Wicked!

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Chelsey from this past weekends workshop.   Her dress set the tone for this setup.  I didn’t know how I wanted to shoot it so I just started walking around the studio and found these black & grey polka dot satin squares.  I think I’ve only used them one other time in the past three years, so I was due.  Paying rent for all these props is crazy, so when I can use something collecting dust, it feels great.  It started as a simple idea but soon turned into a whole production.  Attendees always help at my workshops, setting up and tearing down, I think it’s helpful, and that includes lighting.  I normally ask the guys what they’re interested in shooting and we go from there.

I’m still having trouble with  my blog… boo hoo.  I deactivated my plugins and someone said to remove my widgets…  (insert Scooby Doo here!)!?

Widget, sounds cute but deadly.

  • my widget hurts
  • have you tried this widget?
  • where did I put my widget?
  • would you like to try my widget
  • widgets are sexy
  • my widget’s getting fat
  • not tonight dear, my widget hurts
  • do you have a widget?
  • I got drunk last night and lost my widget
  • what the hell is a widget?

I almost gave up tonight because I couldn’t save or publish.  As I’ve written in earlier posts, we need to have friends who know stuff.  Photography is hard  but widgets are wicked!

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1 Matt September 24, 2010 at 10:11 am

Thanks for enduring the widgets I learned a few thing from you already!


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