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Detroit Michigan Lingerie Photographers Mary DuPrie

I haven’t shot Lorena in forever.  It was fun to spend the day with her, she’s always a help during testing.  It’s funny seeing her move things around in her lingerie!

I’m still working on my 360 degree idea.  I’m trying to set up the area in a way that I can walk around the bed and shoot in any direction.  The final shot is above.  She happened to be waiting for me to do something.  I looked over and she was doing this.  Perfect!  The mirrors in the set up were great.  Beveled mirrors have great patterns to them, I just sit them on the floor.

I started the setup using four strobes behind the panels, which worked out just fine.  I happened to be talking with Lorena about my lens, my nice expensive lens.   I was using my 85 1.2 @ 2.8 and found I couldn’t back up far enough for a full horizontal body… bummer.  I put my 24-7o but just didn’t like it at 2.8, too sharp.  Well, I decided to move the bed back, further from the windows.   I moved the  panels as much as I could because I was determined to use my 85 1.2.  I  love the weight and feel of it, it’s nice and juicy!  Wow.  I ended up shooting at iso 100 1.4 @320 give or take.  I had plenty left over since I was only at iso 100.  How does Cashoo always sneak into the shot.

I ended up using my Joker 1200 as her leg rim light and used my Comer Video Light on her face.

I was on my feet for 7 hours setting up, shooting and breaking everything down.  I’m tired, tired, tired.

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1 Aurora Vanderbosch September 27, 2010 at 11:31 am

Great post, Mary–with lots of fun information in it! (And it’s always SOO nice to see pullbacks!!! :))

I realize this won’t help you with a shoot where you’re using something huge, like a bed…but when you mentioned wanting to shoot 360 degrees, it reminded me about posing wheels, and I thought I’d pass it on–it can be really useful when you’re working with something like a chair, or even just “fine art” bodies…and might save you some time at some point… 🙂

A posing wheel’s just a great big circle, with a great big lazy Susan underneath. You put the model on it–in a chair, by themselves, whatever–and then just nudge it with your foot, to rotate it for a better angle. (I wouldn’t see this as much help with models–where they’re working with you–but it’s GREAT for portraits, where you’re posing them–and could be adapted for boudoir, fairly easily.)

Live Model Books uses a giant on in their studio, for their nude art studies: http://www.livemodelbooks.com/

I use a smaller one (it cost me $17 to build–it’s made from an abandoned round table top, and a $17 lazy susan, underneath!), and use it in almost every shoot. The real plus to something like this, is the amount of time it shaves off a session–instead of having someone get up, while you move them slightly–or having to move your lights–to get a slightly better shot–you just give the posing wheel a nudge, et voila! 🙂

(Also, since it’s a wheel, although they can be quite heavy, they’re easy to roll in and out of a scene, and they store neatly, against a wall.)


2 Mary DuPrie September 27, 2010 at 11:31 pm

Hey Aurora

the purpose of the 360 is to get tons of variety once it’s set up. I want to move versus the model…and to also take her off guard.


3 Michael October 4, 2010 at 10:05 pm

Hi Aurora Vanderbosch,
How can one make or buy a large Lazy Susan for $17.00? I did a quick search and found a wooden 22″ one but it does not mention how much weight it can handle.

Thank you in advance,


4 mark September 27, 2010 at 2:48 am

Beautiful work and thanks for putting up blog posts everyday. Your work just inspires me to keep working on my photography. Everyone needs a little inspiration everyday and you do that here. Thanks


5 Mary DuPrie September 27, 2010 at 11:31 pm

ahhh, thanks… i’m back to shooting and that feels good.


6 Kris September 27, 2010 at 1:50 am

Ah you have so many cool props! I love seeing shots like the ones above, even if they do make me jealous! That photo is gorgeous – she is a stunner! It must be fun to hang with you shooting all day – you can tell by how natural and beautiful and happy everyone always looks in your photos.

I’m still working on my directing etc, and have been trying to come up with some of those little quotes like you have – I like it when I say one and me and the model/subject just crack up laughing at how stupid it sounds haha.

Great post!

Kris recently posted..I love finding…


7 Mary DuPrie September 27, 2010 at 11:32 pm

Yes, i have lots of props. i actually think i have too many!

i like it natural but classy.


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