My Favorite Are Those Little Gold Stars

Detroit Michigan Beauty Photography by Mary DuPrie

So we have a continuing saga going on and I have to say I didn’t really see it coming.  I’ve always said it’s interesting to see how people interpret things.  Me, I’m kinda literal.  As in, Oh, I didn’t see that coming.

This is how I saw it…

  • Beautiful letter stating you’ve won!
  • The banquet is on such and such date..  The food will be fabulous
  • Put on a tight black dress,  thigh highs and stilettos
  • Edit:  shiny black rain coat with lingerie underneath, clothing optional
  • Chit chat with strangers and eat average  food (but say it was great, to appear more fun)
  • Wait for your name to be called (such a sweet sound)
  • Strut up there in your new pink patent leather boots… hummm
  • Beam and say “Thank you so much” (because yes, you think you’re fabulous too!)
  • Go home, make some enthusiastic love and admire your new plaque, trophy, badge, button, certificate,  medal, very large pink heart… and my fav, those little gold foil stars
  • Well, that’s I how see gettin an award (end of the night award optional)

It’s a good thing Detroit Photographer Blake Discher doesn’t think like me.

Singlehandedly closed a post with his thinking “follow the money”

*****Gold Stars*****

I hear we’re living in a day and age when everyone goes home with an award… I’m torn on this issue.  Why, because I was usually on the receiving end back in the day.  I never considered all the kids that went home sad and depressed because they never won anything.  I only cared about me, I felt superior, I admit.   But now that I’m an adult my empathy level has gone way up.  I do think “trying” and “showing up” can be rewarded for kids.

Maybe John never got any awards and just wants to share the wealth.

Or receive it

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