Does Our New Computer Have Google?



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We all have family obligations that we happily oblige.  Mine is my Mom and Step Dad’s computer.  I gave my Step Dad, Bill my old IMac awhile back.  He does two things with it, reads emails from his daughter and plays Texas Hold Um.  Done deal.  So when the IMac died his daughter sent him a nice chuck of change to buy a new one.  My thought process was to spend about $500 for just an average lap top and stash the rest.  It needed two things, a built in video and mic.

I took them shopping to a few places and it was funny.  I myself can still relate to how over whelming it all seemed back when I started.  The thing that confused me most was software.  What the hell is software!? I researched and researched and just couldn’t decide what to buy.  Finally I walked into the Apple store and said “I want the most expensive computer  and the biggest screen you have”  I figured that way I wouldn’t have any regrets.  I was right.

Bill asked the clerk at Costco if the computer he was showing him “got” the internet, because he needed one that he could get “on”.  Classic.  So I find myself explaining in elementary terms.

  • Hard drive = Brain
  • Software = The info that goes into the brain
  • Applications = I went blank

We finally decided on a $500 Acer from Bestbuy… out of stock.  We went home with nothing that day.  The next day they went shopping by themselves and found the same Acer at Micro Center.   Sold them the anti glare pad, extended warranty and Norton Anti Virus.  I’m pretty sure my Step Dad’s cane said “easy sale”.

Well I went over to set up Skype… OMG  I couldn’t find anything.  Couldn’t find the hard drive, preferences, tool bar, nothing.  I couldn’t navigate the thing at all.  I have to say I finally gave up.  Had them pack it up to head back to Micro Center to take it back.  Well, we took a 15% restocking fee of $85. but I have to say I was shocked they gave us full credit on the opened software.  They were offering a $200. in store immediate rebate on just the Laptop we needed.  So in the end we didn’t loose any money and now I remember why I’m on a Mac.   Micro Center was extremely accommodating.  I mentioned I wanted to exchange it for a Mac and that was the magic word, as if, of course you do.  I uploaded their software and operating system and we were up and running.  Bill said the other computer didn’t have discs, what?  I’m so not familiar with anything but Macs.

I’m sure you all remember my IPhone-AT&T debacle.  I have to admit my IPhone was much easier to navigate and was more intuitive than my droid, my droid does have better audio which is nice.  BUT  I CAN MAKE CALLS ON IT.  Apparently the day I blogged about my Apple store breakdown Apple announced they will be hooking up with Verizon… yeah

So I’m always mindful in that I never say “Ahh it’s easy, you just go to here and here and then do this and that… blah blah blah.  I hated when people told me it was easy.  It wasn’t.  Bill did set up his G Mail account himself, got his poker going and signed up for Skype.  The only problem was he already had Skype.  He needed to just “log in” but instead signed up for it again.  His thinking was “well it’s a new computer and it doesn’t know I had Skype, that was on my old computer”.  Funny.

My Mom said she was going to go Line Dancing tomorrow at a new place, she looked it up on the map (yes, the paper kind you fold out, but never back in).  I mentioned Bill could look it up on Google.

Does our new computer have Google?


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1 WildePics October 13, 2010 at 10:21 pm


“Does our new computer have Google?


The scary thing is thinking of what WE will be as clueless about when we get near his age…. (I’m much closer than you, BTW)


2 Scott October 13, 2010 at 7:57 pm

FWIW, Applications are software 🙂
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