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Michigan Modeling Photography by Mary DuPrie

So I took Dee Dee’s advice and responded back to Dreamna.  Short and to the point.   I didn’t want to based on previous experience, but I thought, hey, why not!?  Her response…

Do you know how to put a lock on your page?  I know there are people out there who are able to do that.  I have a friend who is an advid (sp?) programmer and I could be able to get the coding to where no one will be able to steal anymore of your photos.  Is this something you may be interested in.  I know for sure she will share the coding with me.  It would also set it up to where there is NO WAY WHAT-SO-EVER to steal them.

Dreama is dreaming

This is usually how these responses go… back and forth back and forth.  Somehow they feel a connection to me and want contact.  I prefer not.


So on another note I photographed Hunter’s comp card yesterday and came away with a few work flow changes.  One change I’ve made is that a makeup artist is no longer an option for guys, it’s a must.  I feel guys need a makeup/hair stylist just as much as women.

The biggest challenge I run across is that young guys have ONE way they like their hair and that’s it.  Done deal.  It’s impossible to get them to change their hair style from look to look.  They don’t truly understand the importance of variety.  I refuse to stop and be the makeup/hair stylist.  If there is a Mom present that is not an option either, that would just be yukky.  The makeup artist acts as my assistant on set and I expect them to catch styling problems ect.

A few years ago the young guys hair style of choice was the wet flippy surfer dude.  The style nowadays is feathered inward, as in Justin Bieber

Why should I have to work harder to save them money.  Women have to pay, so it shouldn’t be an issue.  I’m happy with my new policy and think it’s been long overdue.

I’ve posted the before and after of his headshot.  Using my favorite mirror gives me just enough interest to take it in a few different directions… always a bit different.  I keep looking and looking for another mirrored screen and I have to say I haven’t run into anything even close.  Boo Hoo

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1 Dee Dee October 22, 2010 at 12:18 am

OK, I literally laughed out loud at “advid.” 🙂 At least you tried. Next time I won’t suggest you respond. 🙂

Good idea on the stylist for the guys. I had someone actually tell me they thought it would be easier to photograph guys because, “you know, they probably don’t really care what they look like.” Um, what?

I always enjoy your excellent work! Thank you for sharing it, your tips and your humor. 🙂


2 Mary DuPrie October 23, 2010 at 12:46 am

what is “advid”?? i don’t know

she is kinda cute isn’t she…poor thing


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